Sunday, 2 November 2014

Discovering Self-Respect

What are ethics to me?
What we should or should not do in a relationship according to our own understanding and acceptance of personal morals and respect.
What are boundaries to me?
Using values of self and others to keep respect in place by
having clearly defined and understood limits.


Let me tell you why I decided to write this book. 

Just over 13 years ago, I left a relationship which I thought and felt was therapeutic at the time. That relationship lasted for 7 years previous, he was supposed to be my therapist, but I fell in love with him. 

I know now, the feelings I felt were transference, in other words he was filling my life – in more than one way – with that which I felt was missing and vice versa. And I suppose that is fair enough, if it was helpful. But, I was married and being constantly encouraged by my husband to get even more help to make myself well again from a traumatic past. 

Eventually, feeling suffocated, I left both relationships and stepped out of my comfort zone to start a new life as an independent person. Then I went on to volunteer for two charities, one a well known mental health concern, and the other, a women’s charity. Both had been extremely helpful to me, so I wanted to put something back into the community.

I started to discover where this therapist had gone wrong and how he had been helping himself to me. This was after my own considerable personal therapy.  The more I discovered, the more I wanted to understand. One major learning was personal and professional boundaries and ethics. Next, and for over five years, I studied at college to get my Higher National Diploma in Counselling and I felt proud of my achievements.

So much study and academic writing left little for creativity. Even though us students were expected to have a certain amount of personal therapy and also to write a personal journal, I wanted to keep on writing afterwards. I’d had loads of therapy, both in my younger years and as a student. Writing was a way I discovered how to process my own thoughts and feelings. With my experience of hypnotherapy and neuro linguistic programming, I understood the value of process in therapy and how seeing something right through to the finish could produce such positive results. So I had an idea to re-write my history in an attempt to make myself well again. This is why I wrote my story. I took each strong feeling I had about the past, tipped it out onto the paper and took it through a therapeutic process. It’s the best thing I have ever done.

I am an ordinary person who wants to share her learnings. It would make me very happy if you read my story. It would make me even happier, if I knew somewhere amongst my words, they help you in your life.